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Busy days call for easy and quick recipes. This video series featuring Haven Nutt from Heart Haven focuses on recipes that are tasty and quick to make. From breakfast to dinner and everywhere in between Haven's got you covered. 

Heart haven: Farmer's Breakfast Frittata

Looking for an easy breakfast option for those busy school mornings? Check out Haven's Farmer's Breakfast Frittata by watching the video above. To access this recipe click the button below! 

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Heart Haven: Beef Up your snacks 

These days everyone is super busy, and it is great to have a good snack on hand. Check out Haven's tasty protein packed snacks that are perfect for an easy mid-day or after-school snack! To access this recipe click the button below.

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Heart Haven: Beefy back to school dinner

Are you looking for a quick and easy dinner option to beef up the weekly dinner menu? Haven's tasty beef fajita recipe is perfect for those busy weeknights when you need something quick for dinner. From adults to kids, everyone will love this recipe. To access this recipe click the button below. 

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Heart Haven

By: Haven Nutt


Haven is an entrepreneur, business owner, and cookbook author with a slew of interests, passions, and services. She is a certified personal trainer, fitness coach, nutritionist, paddleboard coach, and group trainer, with specializations in kickboxing, self defense, SUP, and beach volleyball. Haven is passionate about empowering people to find the root of their own health with mental, physical, and spiritual wellness--because each of these elements is a peg in the turning wheel of what it means to be alive. She is the owner and operator of Heart Haven, a waterfront wellness retreat, where adventure meets R&R and wild adventures are right outside the back door. The roots of the business are planted deep, with a passionate mission to help people create experiences and make memories that will last a lifetime. Heart Haven is more than just a physical space. It is a mindset. It is a lifestyle. It’s about community. It’s about helping people find their own unique haven—because health is where the heart is.