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Beef Inspires Strength 

Beef is natural, delicious and nutritious. Beef offers 10 essential nutrients to support healthy lifestyles and help families thrive.

Beef Choices Nutrition

The Choices of Beef

Get the facts on grain-finished beef and grass-finished beef and decide which delicious & nutritious beef option is for you! 

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Beef’s Essential Nutrients  

Grilled Flank Steak and Potato Salad

When it comes to beef and health, you can rest easy knowing that along with being delicious, beef contains important nutrients that the body needs. 

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Beef for Heart Health 

Greek-Style Beef & Cheese Ravioli

Beef is part of a satisfying heart-healthy lifestyle. All beef is a natural source of 10 essential nutrients the body needs such as protein, iron, zinc and B vitamins. 

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Nutrition for All Ages 


Beyond the special memories around the table, the foods we eat provide our bodies with fuel to thrive and grow. Explore how beef's nutrients can help you live vibrantly through all life's stages.

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The Power of Protein


Among the powerful package of 10 essential nutrients beef is known for, protein may be one of the most notable, and we know that protein helps support strong, lean bodies.

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Team beef

Are you an avid runner that loves to eat BEEF? If you answered yes, you should apply to be a member of our TEAM BEEF running team. Click the link below to learn more about TEAM BEEF. 

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