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Contest Guidelines for County 4-H Clubs promoting July Beef Month    


Promotion Purpose: 

  1. To encourage consumers to purchase and prepare more beef this summer
  2. To identify county associations who are involved in promoting their beef industry

Promotional Details: 

  • County 4-H Club chooses the details of promotion (i.e. time, date, etc.) and submits an event projection form to receive promotional items. 
  • If your event is virtual, it must be held on a new page created only for this contest or on your local county extension office’s social media. 
  • Events can be promoted on personal social media pages, but not hosted on personal social media pages. 
  • Winners will be determined by evaluation form turned in after promotion. 
  • Counties must fill out evaluation form and send pictures of event for judging. 
  • Judging Criteria: 

    •  Hold event at local retail outlet/ online platform of choosing 
    •  Have a giveaway at event (bonus)
    •  Complete and turn in evaluation form 
    •  Send pictures of promotion with evaluation form (i.e. graphics) 
    •  Use Beef promotional materials at event (provided by the Tennessee Beef Industry Council, we can provide graphics as well) 
    •  Advertise event in local newspaper, magazine, radio, etc. (must send a copy of ad for credit) 
    •  Event must take place between July 1-31, 2021 
    •  Grand prize winner will receive a $500 donation to the County 4-H Club!   

Evaluations must be sent in to TN Beef Council by August 13th, 2021. 

Mail to:
Janna Sullivan
530 A Brandies Circle
Murfreesboro, TN 37128

 4-h beef backer projection form 

 4-H beef backer evaluation form 

2021 winners

Elena sali--Williamson County

emra cole--Washington county

mckinly thompson--Pickett County

4-H Drawing Contest

We all know that cattle provides us with delicious and nutritious beef to eat, but the parts of the animal that are not used for food are used to make a wide range of other products, these products are called by-products. Because of these by-products, we are able to use 99% of every animal.  Draw a picture that demonstrates how cattle help the environment and/or the by-products that come from cattle. 

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