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2024 TN YF&R Beef backer contest

July is Beef Month in Tennessee! To encourage more people to celebrate beef month we are hosting the Tennessee YF&R Beef Backer Contest. The purpose of this contest is to encourage consumers in your communities to purchase and prepare more beef this summer, with the goal of keeping beef the “King of the Grill”.  This contest is an awesome way to promote beef, meet new people, and develop a relationship with your local grocery stores and beef retailers. 

 The Beef Council will provide counties that want to participate with Beef promotional items, including recipes, signage, graphics, and a few Beef swag items for an enter to win giveaway. Please fill out the Projection Form to receive materials. All requests must be submitted at least 10 days prior to the event. Once a projection form is received, we will send out materials to the contact person listed. If you are running a print ad, and need an image or graphic please email [email protected].

The evaluation form must be completed for entry in the contest. Please refer to it when planning your promotion. The contest will run June 17th – July 31st. Completed evaluation forms, pictures, and ads are due by AUGUST 19th!

The top three promotions will receive the following:
1st Place: $1500.00
2nd Place: $1000.00
3rd Place: $500.00

Section VI of the YF&R section in TFBF County Awards of Excellence (CAE) report could garner a county five points for involvement in the Beef Backer program.

Questions? Contact Emily Haskew at [email protected] or (615) 896-5811 

YF&R Beef Backer Contest Guidelines

YF&R Beef Backer Projection Form