Moes Feedlot

Ag Literacy Week 2020:

Our goal is to reach as many students across Tennessee as possible with our great beef story.  We have a great story to tell and know the students will love learning all about the beef industry! THANK YOU FOR PARTICIPATING IN THIS PROGRAM.  

How to Participate: 

 1) Contact a teacher in your county (any grade level is great, but most of our resources are geared for K-8). Set up a time with the teacher to read to the class in-person (if allowed by school district) or virtually. We suggest doing a pre-recorded video that the teacher can share with the class. If you prefer to do it live, Zoom is also a great option. 

 2) Contact Janna Sullivan ([email protected]). Please have grade level and number of students in class. You will be sent a book and activity books for the class (if needed).   

 3) Read to Students. Take Pictures. Wear farm gear and take pictures of your own operation to make it personal. Enjoy your time with the class!   

 4) Leave teacher form with teacher. Each teacher who has a reader in their classroom is eligible to win prizes!   

 5) Fill out reader form by clicking the button below. List Tennessee Beef Industry Council as 'Organization Represented'. Each reader is eligible to win prizes!   

 6) Post on Social Media using #tnagliteracy .  Make sure to ask teacher for photo permission of students or get picture that do not include faces.  

 Fill out form